Katrina graduated from Concordia University in 2014 with a BFA in Studio Art and Art History. In her last year of studies, she became increasingly fascinated with spatial theory and in particular spaces of transition and notions of ephemerality, memory, transformation and emotionality. Manifesting in various forms throughout the years, these ideas have been brought to the conceptual forefront of her painting practice, where they have been solidified into the visual language of pattern, layering, colour and spatial tension.

Her most recent paintings explore the deepness and complexity of intimate human relationships. Occupying a space of ambiguity, where backgrounds bleed into foregrounds and patterns break free from the confines of a set form and float off into space, the figures represented exist somewhere between real and imagined. Giving flesh to feeling, they are manifestations of memories, thoughts and dreams, a way to reflect on the intricacy and intensity of emotion.

Through the sharing of space – both physically and emotionally – the relationships formed become suspended in a transient moment, symbolically framed by large blocks of colour occupying the peripheries. In turn, these peripheral spaces mark a distinct border between the captured moment and everything that exists beyond it, ruminating on the transformation that takes place when a specified boundary is crossed as well as the charged energy present in marginal spaces.